Sports Medicine

With experience managing musculoskeletal injuries and various medical conditions as they relate to sports, Dr. Medina realizes that rigorous analysis of biomechanical and ergonomic issues are critical to the successful management of any chronic or ongoing condition. LEARN MORE


No longer need you drive (or be driven) to the office or clinic, park your car, walk to the doctor’s waiting room, and sit there until your appointment. For that and other reasons, telemedicine has many benefits. LEARN MORE

Preoperative Exam

In order to confirm that a patient is in good enough health to safely undergo anesthesia and surgery, a surgeon will often request a preoperative examination. We can meet all the criteria required, from physical evaluations to testing and labs. LEARN MORE

IV Vitamin Therapy / Vitamin Shots

Serving far more purposes than just curing hangovers, IV Vitamin Therapy treatments have also been touted as a way to fight exhaustion and boost the immune system. These sessions can be done at our clinic in an outpatient visit. LEARN MORE

Primary Care

Serving as the starting point for most of your medical needs, your primary care physician is a generalist who looks at your entire health picture. From there, they can order test, proscribe medicine, and refer you to any specialists that may be needed. LEARN MORE

Weight Loss

It’s common knowledge that being overweight can lead to health complications. But for many people, losing weight is easier said than done. From helping you set and achieve realistic goals to offering additional treatments — such as surgery — we are here to help. LEARN MORE

Concierge Medicine