Primary Care

Primary care encompasses integrated, accessible health care services by providers and their teams for several purposes:

handling a great percentage of personal health care needs
developing an ongoing partnership with their patients, and
practicing in the environments of family and community.

This type of care is centered on the patient, based on a team approach, and to fit into the context of a community. As such it is formulated to achieve better health along with better care, and at a lower cost.

Primary Care Physicians

Doctors in this field are specifically trained for and adept in comprehensive health care. They are in most instances the first contact for a patient, as well as providing ongoing care for their patients, regardless of the issues.

Beyond simply treating “sick” people, primary care physicians foster the promotion of good health, the prevention of disease in the first place, and continuing health maintenance. A good primary care physician also provides education and counseling to their patients.

Some of the areas in which primary care physicians help are in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in a variety of health care environments, from the office to the hospital, schools, and more.

Your primary care physician often collaborates with other health professionals, and utilizes consultation or referral as appropriate depending on each patient’s need. They will serve as an advocate for their patients throughout the health care system, helping to ensure that they receive effective and equitable care.

Finally, your primary care doctor uses effective communication with patients and their families to establish a community of health care.