IV Vitamin Therapy, or Vitamin Shots

Recently, IV vitamin treatments have garnered a great deal of publicity. But are they something you should consider? Possibly, depending on what you want them for.

What are the benefits?

Of course one of the most popular uses of IV Vitamin Therapy is curing hangovers. This is due in great part due to the fact that they offer rapid hydration — an antidote to the dehydration caused by drinking alcohol

IV vitamin treatments have also been touted as a way to fight exhaustion and boost the immune system. This, too, is a way to help the body’s immune system stay healthy and fight infection.

For patients suffering from some gastrointestinal ailment, IV Vitamin Rherapy treatments can help to provide critical nutrition that their stomachs may have a difficult time absorbing.

Easy, non-invasive treatment

In less than an hour, you’ll receive an IV that will be packed with vitamins and minerals. These sessions can be done at our clinic in an outpatient visit, during which you’ll simply relax while the solution is being absorbed by your body.

At our office, we provide a safe, clean environment. And of course, in accordance with medical guidelines, you will be seen by a trained professional using sterile procedures.

Contact us to see if IV Vitamin Therapy may be right for you.